Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things that will get me to unfollow you on Google Buzz

Robert Scoble started a Buzz this morning listing the top 6 things that are a real buzzkill.
Things that will get me to unfollow you on Google Buzz:

1. If you bring your tweets into here I'm very likely to unfollow you. I read Twitter and have 17,000 people over there. Almost 100% of tweets brought in here are noise.

2. If you are a jerk. Or if you bring a jerk into my view.

3. If you haven't filled out your Google Profile yet. -- I find that I'm going to slowly go through my list of people I'm following and see if they've filled out their profile. If they haven't, I'm far less likely to keep them around.

3B: if you don't have a photo of yourself as an avatar, I doubt I'll keep you around.

4. If you spam me with advertising.

5. If you consistently write about lame stuff that I'm not interested in. I'm 80% interested in talking tech, news, and geeky stuff. If you consistently write about other stuff that's cool, but it's noise to me.

6. If you are using a non-real name and I find out about it. I hate anonymity and I hate when people don't share their real identity. 4chan is great, but not in my Buzz.

Take Robert's advice. Create a Google Profile and don't spam Google Buzz with advertising or use it as another bullhorn, like Twitter. Use Twitter to push your short, self promoting messages and use Google Buzz to connect and discuss authentically.

Google Buzz has started off as a great place to have conversations and connect with like-minded people, I just hope it is able to stay that way.

Having a community of users that discourage spam, and call it out when it happens, might help to keep Google Buzz enjoyable and productive.

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